Teaching Management System

The Teaching Management System (TMS) is a new system that replaces OxCORT for academic and administrative staff involved in undergraduate teaching in colleges and departments.

Please see the TMS Access and Roles page for further information on access and roles. 

Overview and Latest Updates

TMS serves both colleges and departments, providing a common system for academic staff and undergraduate students, and greater visibility of teaching provided to undergraduate students across the University. Key features of TMS:

  • Managing college and department teaching across multiple teaching types (for example, classes, revision, and practicals)
  • Allowing tutors to record and submit teaching hours easily, whether for a group of students or for an individual student
  • Providing students with easy access to tuition reports
  • Calculating incoming and outgoing payments for tutors, colleges, and departments
  • Publishing department teaching arrangements (classes) for student self sign-up
  • Allowing tutors and students to view all their own teaching arrangements
  • Tracking teaching hours against college (and department) stints
  • Reporting


The remit of the TMS Management Committee is to ensure the successful operation of the Teaching Management System (TMS) on behalf of its users (colleges and departments) by working with the relevant bodies across the University. The committee will also work closely with the TMS User Group. Membership is yet to be confirmed for both groups but the Terms of reference are available.

Update Trinity Term 2022

Changes to TMS

TMS management and statistical reports have now been added for College/Department Offices and Senior Tutors, and we have fixed several known issues. We have also now begun work on two new items (adding Programme of Study filter to academic reports lists, and making the payment rate save after auto filling with default values). Details of all current and resolved known issues are listed on the Known Issues tab of this page.

Register of Approved Payments 2021/2022

The final version of the Register of Approved Payments for 2021/2022 is now available. Older versions of the Register are available on the OxCORT website.

Guidance and Support

You will be able to access searchable and accessible in-built Self Help guidance as you are using TMS. This means you won't have to stop what you are doing to access training separately but instead you can click a button in the same screen to get tips on the features you are using and continue with your task without having to switch systems.

For a list of ‘How do I?’ activities that Tutors might find useful for completing tasks in TMS, see the Quick Start Guide for Tutors.

For a list of ‘How do I?’ activities that Offices might find useful for completing tasks in TMS, see the Quick Start Guide for Offices.

Other Information Guides and videos are available as outlined below:

TMS User Role Document Name  Version Date
Department Office Information Guide (PDF) 2.2 12 May 2022
College Office Information Guide (PDF) 2.0 12 May 2022
Organising Tutors Information Guide (PDF) 1.2 18 Feb 2022
Tutors Information Guide (PDF) 1.4 01 Feb 2022
  Introduction for Tutors (Video) 1.0 10 Sep 2021
  Teaching Arrangements for Tutors (Video) 1.0 10 Sep 2021
  Completing Academic Reports for Tutors (Video) 1.0 20 Oct 2021

Setting up and completing Department Teaching Events (Sessions) (Video)

1.0 22 Nov 2021
  Come and See TMS (Colleges) (Video) 1.0 30 Sep 2021
  Come and See TMS (Social Sciences) (Video) 1.0 05 Oct 2021
  Come and See TMS (Medical Sciences) (Video) 1.0 05 Oct 2021
  Come and See TMS (MPLS) (Video) 1.0 05 Oct 2021


TMS automated email notifications are sent in certain circumstances from the email address tmsapplication@admin.ox.ac.uk. For a full summary of notifications sent by TMS and who they are sent to please see the document below:

Document Version Date  
TMS Automated Notifications (Excel) 1.0 21 Sep 2021  


The following policy and procedural documents related to TMS may also be of assistance:

Document Version Date  
Statement on HMRC Conditions for External Tutors (PDF) 1.0 13 Sep 2021  
Register of Approved Payments for 2021/2022 (PDF) 1.0 13 Apr 2022  




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TMS has been built with significant input and feedback from key stakeholders to ensure that the functionality meets the agreed requirements as it is built.  This includes the sprint review group,  users undertaking testing and representatives who attend the academic showcases see TMS stakeholder involvement groups (log in using your SSO).

Access and Data

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TMS can be accessed via Edge, Chrome and Safari.

There isn't a logout button or option in TMS. You can just close your browser to end your session.

New office staff in colleges or departments need to be added by their Information Custodian (link requires SSO). New tutors need to be authorised by their college or department. Undergraduate students are automatically added to TMS.


Student data, including current course and year information, will be sourced from SITS:Vision.

Teaching Unit Management System

Programmes of study and related departments, subjects and teaching units will be sourced from the Teaching Unit Management System, more information about which can be found on the Teaching Unit Management System page. 


Staff details will be retrieved from Dynamics, which holds contact information for most University and college staff, including external tutors.


An IC can have other roles but cannot assign these themselves.

If your IC needs additional roles, for example Office or Finance, please contact Student Systems who can set them up for you.

Postgraduate students can be authorised to teach and will be flagged as a student in their tutor authorisation.

The only undergraduate students that can be authorised as a tutor are those in year 4 or above or any student studying graduate entry Clinical Medicine.

For any other undergraduate student, the only workaround is to manage their arrangements and payments outside of TMS.

Yes they can. Virtual Access is a valid card type for external tutors (not on-site at Oxford) who need remote access to systems such as TMS. If the tutor you are trying to add already has a University card, then it isn't necessarily correct to change their card type.

Org unit profiles represent the different roles a tutor holds for an org unit (college or department) so you need one for each role.

Using TMS

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Stint adjustments (Remission, Full remission or Addition) can be added up to 2 years in advance.

This could be when they are over-stint and ask for payment, or under-stint and assign external teaching to stint at a particular college.

Payment method is defaulted onto the payment claim to make report creation more efficient for the tutor, but the tutor can override that default on an individual report. 

Local rates need to added annually as it is expected that these will rise with inflation.

They can be added in advance if you know what they should be.

Tutors will be able to create teaching arrangements for students up to a term after the student has left the college.

They can submit end of term reports up to a year after the student has completed their studies.


Tutors can complete reports up to a year after a student has completed their studies so might need to include recent leavers if creating a group retrospectively.

No, once an organising or pastoral student group is refreshed, access will be driven by the current list of students in the group.

No, it will not default to all on the tutor org profile.

So if you set a filter on years taught within the Tutor Directory or when adding tutors to a Teaching Arrangement, you will only return tutors who have specific values set on at least one of their profiles.

All users of TMS can select reports to view, print or save to pdf. The menu option name varies slightly for different users:

  • Tutors and Students menu option is called My Academic Reports Print or Save to PDF
  • Organising Tutors, Pastoral Tutors and Course Administrators menu option is called Academic Reports Print or Save to PDF, within the My Student Group Arrangements menu
  • Office users, Reviewers and Senior Tutors menu option is called All Academic Reports Print or Save to PDF

No, a department does not need to authorise a tutor if the college has already done so but they will need to add an 'Org Profile' if they want to pay the department or credit the department stint for their teaching. Tutors only working for a college stint/payment do not need a department Org Profile.

Tutors can be authorised throughout term although APNTF uploads will happen termly

No, you do not have to assign students to teaching arrangements straightaway but can add as you or they know what they are doing.

To delete the teaching arrangement, go to Teaching > My Teaching Arrangements. Click the name of the teaching arrangement to be deleted In the top right corner is a pencil icon, click it. This will take you to the teaching arrangement creation screen. At the bottom of the page is a button called 'Delete Teaching Arrangement'. You can only delete if no academic reports have been started. If they have, you need to first delete those draft reports.

If a department needs to be paid for undergraduate teaching undertaken by an APNTF, they need that tutor to be authorised in TMS and have the org profile for their dept so that payment can be processed.

For students in other departments you will need to search for them using their SSO identity.

The Right to Work should be checked by the college or department that will be paying the individual. TMS is not a Right to Work monitoring system however it does improve the visibility of some key information about a tutor at the time they were authorised. Guidance from Staff Immigration states that you only need to record Right to Work information in TMS for graduate students. Everyone else will be either a member of staff or self-employed. You are advised to continue with existing processes for completing Right to Work checks, sharing these checks in the out-tutors spreadsheet and monitoring anyone on list B.

Teaching Units are managed in TUMS and a daily update is run into TMS. Wherever possible do try and find the correct Teaching Unit for the option/paper being taught, if it doesn’t exist then search by subject name and select the generic teaching unit (‘Unit not Specified’), if you can’t find the correct subject search for ‘Subject not specified’.

It’s sometimes easier to find the right teaching unit within the All Teaching Units screen rather than the search box within a teaching arrangement.

Once you have found a suitable teaching unit using the search and filter options you can select Arrange Teaching to go straight to create a Teaching Arrangement.

You can't delete them but if you change the authorisation date to today it will expire tonight. That will leave just one authorised profile but both will still be visible.

There are maximum of 20 results displayed. If you don’t know the person’s SSO then to reduce the search results list keep typing more of their name. e.g. ‘Jackson T’. 

Names cannot be changed in TMS because TMS receives the data from other systems. The record will need to be amended at source. For students, this will be in SITS, for staff it's in CUD. Once the name has been updated in the original system, TMS can be updated. To force a name or email change for a tutor, you can go to their Tutor Profile and their details will be re-checked and updated.

The organising tutors will only see the reports for the students in the student groups that they are assigned to.

TMS was created as a flexible system to suit the different setups in various colleges and departments. All authorised Tutors and Organising Tutors can create their own college Teaching Arrangements, but College Office also have permission to do this if they want. Tutors and Organising Tutors should confirm the correct process with their College.

Yes you can set them up as an Organising Tutor (just add a Tutor Profile of type Organising and assign them to their students via Student Groups). But you will only be able to give them the additional permission to approve reports if they are recognised as a member of college staff. That is driven by their University Card type and their student status takes priority.

Student email does appear on an individual academic report and in the Add student screen of a Teaching Arrangement. Bear in mind that you can enter SSOs into an Outlook email and that will find the related email address.

There is a list under Guidance and Support on the TMS page – All notifications are sent immediately (within 5 minutes) apart from two which are scheduled to run on a Monday morning.


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The difference relates to who processes the reports and payment claims. For example, payment claims related to College teaching arrangements are reviewed and processed by the student’s college. Tutors, Organising Tutors and College Office staff can all create College teaching arrangements. Payment claims related to Department teaching arrangements are reviewed and processed by the department (Office staff) that created the teaching arrangement.  

Yes. If that is how you normally pay invoices from departments.  

For college managed teaching, where you are not responding to a department invoice, you can use the Payment files and Cashiers file from TMS.  

The Preview payment file, used to check Processed payment claims before marking them as Complete, contains monetary values. 

Any tutor who is also a student will be categorised as PAYE. Otherwise, it is based on their Teaching Org Unit profile, not the tutor category that they pick themselves. Connecting it with their Teaching Org Unit profile and having the college verify their status, the status will be more accurate going forwards. There are still a few edge cases where you may need to override the PAYE status. For example, if you have an out-tutor who works elsewhere but is doing part-time graduate study, TMS will mark them as PAYE because they are a student, so you may need to override this if that is not appropriate for the teaching they are doing for you. 

Official guidance, 'commissioned via the Estates Bursars’ Committee, on behalf of all Colleges and PPH’s of the University' - now on the TMS website: Statement on HMRC Conditions for External Tutors

If a tutor is on a retainer, then they need a Teaching Org Unit profile, so they will show up as PAYE. 

You should contact the Information Custodian for your college/department and they can grant you access. If you aren’t able to arrange access this way, please contact Student Systems


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If you previously had access to OxCORT, you will have read-only access to OXCORT until the 31st August 2022. Read-only access will include the ability to view reports and run exports to pdf. If you need to access historical reports in OxCORT but don't have access, you should contact the relevant college to request an archived, offline copy of the report.

Some data will be migrated from OxCORT. Teaching and payments data will be prioritised to support statutory and management reporting. College offices will have access to OxCORT until 31st August 2022 to archive anything needed from OxCORT. 

Unfortunately, it won't be possible to keep OxCORT available beyond 31st August 2022. However, colleges should have taken copies of all historical reports before it is closed, so if you need anything that was on OxCORT, you should contact your college and ask them to find it for you manually from their archive.


Explanation of the terminology used in TMS (Teaching Management System)

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An end-of-term academic report and associated payment claim completed by a tutor for an individual student.

‘Org Unit’ refers to your college or department (including faculty or sub-faculty).

Payment rates, arrangements, and weightings approved by the Senior Tutors’ Committee of the Conference of Colleges and maintained in TMS by the TMS Management Committee.

A stint is the number of hours a tutor is contracted to teach per week, term, or year.

Teaching Arrangement is an instance of teaching in a particular academic year or term, associated with a Teaching Unit, for specific tutors and students.

Teaching Units represent an element of a Programme of Study (such as a paper or module), and are pulled through to TMS from the Teaching Unit Management System (TUMS).

The Committee responsible to the University and the Colleges for the governance of TMS.

Known Issues

Last Updated: May 2022

Current and resolved known issues are listed below, and this section describes how further feedback will be sought and managed.

The TMS Project Board is planning a full feedback survey, which will be run later this year to systematically gather comprehensive feedback, with the output used to help the TMS User Group and Management Committee plan for future enhancements to TMS.

In the meantime, any further feedback can continue to be sent to student.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk. Any urgent bugs are raised for the technical teams to fix, and any other type of feedback will be shared with the TMS User Group when they convene for the first time after this term, to prioritise and raise with the TMS Management Committee in advance of the TMS feedback survey as appropriate.



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Tutor entering payment details needs to be aware that sort code must be entered in format 00-00-00

On screen message says 'This user has not been located in the current Staff list.' User Roles can be assigned to any current member of University staff or College staff. Ensure you have selected the correct person from the search results list or entered their sso correctly.

On screen message says 'This person does not have a current staff or student record that allows them to be authorised as a tutor.' Authorisation to Teach can be given to any current member of University staff or College staff or External Tutors (with a Virtual access card) or certain categories of student (PG, UG in year 4 or later, UG on pre-clinical Medicine course). Ensure you have selected the correct person from the search results list or entered their sso correctly.

Note: we are still experiencing issues with some Virtual card holders, see item below.

A fix was applied for VA card holders with Oxford email addresses and that has resolved the problem for most VA card holders. However, there are a few that are still getting stuck and not reaching Dynamics, so please consider the following options for any people in this category that are still missing:

  • Arrange payment off-system and consider an alternative way of sending the feedback to the student (e.g. in an email). You would then have the option of asking the tutor to submit a report with ‘no payment required’ once the problem is resolved
  • Consider giving the tutor a different form of card (e.g. a college staff card) for a short period to allow the submission of the report, if appropriate

This could be due to one of the following reasons;

  1. If you can't see an Org unit name on the profile then there is an issue with the User Roles you have been assigned. Contact your IC or SSSC and ask them to make sure you don't have both the Office and Tutor Authorise roles. 
  2. It is worth trying to clear your browsing history and try the operation again.

If neither of those things work then contact SSSC.

TMS records if a Tutor is a student at the time they were authorised to teach and that is visible on the Tutor Directory and the Authorisation History. For some ex-students the Student flag has been set against the Authorisation history when it shouldn't. If you spot this issue there is no need to report it to SSSC.

When using the CONTACT STAFF ABOUT THIS TEACHING GROUP or CONTACT STAFF/STUDENT ABOUT THIS REPORT the generated email text has no line breaks. You can update or remove the original text as appropriate before sending from your own email account.

TMS gets it's user data from Dynamics which is populated from the Core User Directory, PeopleXD (formerly CoreHR) and SITS. If your name or details are incorrect in TMS then please contact your local HR (college or department) to check and, if necessary, update the relevant system. If the issue persists please contact the Student Systems Support Centre (SSSC).

Freshers are pulled into TMS as soon as their registration has been confirmed. You may find that freshers who were late applicants or havent registered yet may be missing at the start of term and will need to be added to Student Groups and Teaching Arrangements later. If you have created Dynamic Student Group(s) for year 1 students then it is worth refreshing those mid-term. Teaching Arrangements created from a Template will not automatically add the additional students.

The errors should result in a sensible message e.g. 'Student already in the group and cannot be moved.' But currently an uncontrolled error causes the following error message to be displayed 'Error occurred while saving the data.'

We are currently working on some enhancement requests;

  • additional filter options in the Academic Reports list for Office users
  • improved payment claim entry for Tutors


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Tutors with stints at more than one college or department found that their stint hours were not displaying correctly in My Stint Report. Selecting one org unit at a time worked better, but still included anomalies when adjustments exist. This issue is now resolved.

A number of smaller accessibility bugs were identified that have now been fixed, and the remaining bugs will be fixed during February and March 2022.

This has now been added: Organising Tutors can see in one view reports that they have selected from their academic reports list.

Improvements to Dropped class functionality for Dept users, including fixing current data.

Status of student now shows as Dropped.

Dropped students aren't counted in the group capacity calculation.

Dropped students aren't added to new sessions.

Students automatically added from the Waitlist have status 'Added from waitlist' until Office user chooses which session to add them from.

The option to create college Teaching Arrangements via an upload from csv file was not working for department office users. This is now resolved.

Using filters on the My Templates list is now working. 

Additional reporting features are now available:

  • Management and statistical reports based on TMS data (from the academic year 2021-22 onwards) provided through a Microsoft application called PowerBI.

  • Ability to report on OxCORT data migrated into TMS (i.e. CSV extract of statistical information, not comments from reports).
  • New APNTF activity report (CSV extract) detailing all teaching activity for department APNTFs.

All student systems available!

We are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries and, with reduced staff throughout August due to annual leave, there may be a delay in our response. If you have a general enquiry then please take a look at the following webpages for staff or for students as these may answer your queries and therefore allow us to deal with the more urgent cases.

Please see also the Systems Availability page for the status of each system. For details of scheduled downtime please see the Notices page.


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