The Proctors’ Office handles applications relating to when students have been unable to complete their assessment or examinations on time due to mitigating circumstances including late submission (extensions) and missed examinations. The Proctors also consider whether mitigating circumstances notices to examiners (MCNEs) that are received after the final meeting of the examiners are passed on.

They also handle requests for:

  • dispensation from the academic dress regulations
  • student migration from one college to another
  • requests to live outside the residence limit
  • undergraduate dispensations from residence 

Applications are submitted by colleges on students’ behalf and decided on by the Proctors. Student Registry is responsible for casework relating to requests for alternative examination arrangements.

Dispensations are requests relating to individual students for the normal limits and rules set out in the regulations to be set aside because of extenuating circumstances. This includes major adjustments to assessment on the grounds of disability. Education Committee’s powers in this respect are set out in Council Regulations.

Education Committee also hears appeals in relation to certain decisions made by the Proctors under Parts 11-14 of the Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations.

The Joint Panel on Remission of Fees considers cases of doubt or difficulty in relation to the calculation of an individual student’s course fees.

Information on medical evidence and certificates to be used across all types of casework is also provided.

Education Policy Support also deals with cases that are under review by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

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