Getting access to SITS:Vision

SITS:Vision is intended for use by central administrative teams. The process for getting access is through the submission of a request through the Student Systems Programme SITS:Vision Access Request Sharepoint service.

Access to SITS:Vision is managed through your Information Custodian. SITS:Vision must be requested by the Information Custodian through the 'SITS:Vision Access process'. 

  • As an active eVision user you will automatically be included in the mailing lists and membership of these mailing lists is mandatory. See the Mailing List policy and the Data protection pages

In order to request access to SITS:Vision, please follow these simple steps:

Getting your SITS:Vision access

What is an ‘environment’? How do I know which environment I wish to use?

There are many versions of SITS:Vision, different versions are used for different purposes e.g. development work, testing the system, live use of the system. Typically you will need to use SITS:Vision LIVE environment unless you are instructed otherwise. If you are still unsure, ask your Information Custodian to help or contact the Support Centre.

Who is my Information Custodian?

A list of Information Custodians is available from this website. Alternatively, log into eVision and select the ‘Access and Support’ option on the left hand side menu, look at the box ‘Gaining Access to Student Systems’ and the link ‘View my Information Custodian’.

What should I tell my Information Custodian?

It would help your Information Custodian if you told them your Single Sign On (SSO) identification and environment you want access to. Sometimes, it can really help if you know of another member of staff within your section who has the type of access you need. Your Information Custodian can check their access and give the same to you. In particular, knowing what type of ‘User Group’ you want to belong to will help give you the appropriate access within SITS:Vision. Don’t worry if you don’t know this – the Support Centre will help identify it.

You will receive an email notification when access is ready together with instructions on how to access SITS:Vision. 

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