Student Barometer survey

2022 survey was open from 21 November to 17 December 2022

The Student Barometer survey was used since 2007 to survey students on their academic and social experience at Oxford. In the first few years, only international students were surveyed and then this was expanded to home students in 2010 and then to include part-time students since 2012. The survey is managed by i-graduate (part of the Tribal Group) and participating institutions' results are benchmarked against UK and International Universities who take part in the survey, either by surveying their home and/or international students. The University will not be taking part in the survey in 2023.

The survey has four main question areas about the student experience (arrival, learning, living and support services) and students are asked to rank their satisfaction on a four point scale (very dissatisfied, dissatisfied and satisfied and very satisfied). Students can also leave open and anonymous comments about each of these sections described above.

Questions are modified to include Oxford specific terminology but base questions cannot be changed fundamentally as they are used to benchmark us against other universities. It is possible to include additional question only asked for Oxford students and this has been done in previous years for COVID related questions and separate sections on the type of comms. channels that students use, or their use of and satisfaction with GLAM venues.

Oxford pre-loads some basic personal and course details so students are routed to relevant sections e.g. visa questions for international students, arrival questions for first year students only. This also means that students do not have to begin the survey by completing a form with their college, year of programme, programme title etc 

In previous years, all students were asked to complete the survey including part-time and full-time students and home and international students. In 2022, only PGT and UG students were asked to complete the survey as PGR students would be surveyed in the PRES survey from 18 April 2023. Email invitations were sent from the email account. 

The survey would open in week 6 of Michaelmas term and close in week 9 of Michaelmas term. Reminders would be sent once a week during this period from and the survey be promoted with the help of colleges, departments and via the Student News.

Results are available from i-graduate in February after the survey closes and then the Tableau reporting tool (staff access only) is updated by the end of March each year. i-graduate also publish a number of excel and pdf documents with an overall summary. This quick reference guide to analysing the Student Barometer survey results (document coming soon...) provides advice for staff on where to begin analysing the data.

For results from previous years, please contact

Open comments

Students can leave open comments during the survey and these will be split by college and department level and sent to colleagues in May each year.

After the results have been received from i-graduate in February and the tableau dashboard is updated in March results and outcomes are then cascaded to students in the News Alerts in April. It would be helpful to receive any feedback from colleagues that could be added to the Student Surveys website for students on any changes implemented as a result of the survey.

A summary of the Student Barometer 2022 results can be found here.